Major Publications

Ralf Trapp "The use of chemical weapons in Syria: implications and consequences", in: B. Friedrich et al. (eds) 
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Ralf Trapp "The investigation into the Islamic State and chemical weapons"  Justice and Security Blog 27 October 2015

Ralf Trapp "The role of industry in promoting biosecurity: a case study of the convergence of chemistry and biology:, Chapter 9 of: Simon Whitby, Tatyana Novossiolova, Gerald Walther and Malcolm Dando "Preventing Biological Threats: What YouCan Do -A guide to biological security issues and how to address them", Bradford Disarmament Research Centre 2015, available for download here

Walter Krutzsch, Eric Myjer and Ralf Trapp (Eds.) "The Chemical Weapons Convention - A Commentary" (Oxford University Press 2014)

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