Past projects

2017: Consultant for the 3rd UNSGM Designated Laboratories Workshop, Spiez Laboratory, Spiez (Switzerland), 20-22 June 2017 (meeting support and supporrt with report writing)

2016/17: Key expert, Mid-term evaluation of the EU Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) 

2016: Spiez Laboratory 2nd UNSGM Workshop 23-24 June 2016, (support for workshop conduct and report writing)

2016: International Waste Management Conference, Chania (Greece) 27-30 September 2016 (2 presentations)

2016: Spiez Convergence 2016, 5-8 September 2016, (support for workshop conduct and report writing)

2015/16: Key expert, Final evaluation of the Instrument for Stability - Priority 1 (CBRN risk mitigation) and CBRN expertise (2 workshops at Chatham House and ICO/Hotzone Solutions, respectively), Project commissioned by the EU, DG DEVCO

2015: Consultant for the UN Office of  Disarmament Affairs, developed a Manual of Proposed Procedures for the conduct of investigations of alleged use of chemical, biological or toxin weapons under the UN Secretary-General's Mechanism, and supported the preparation and conduct of two workshops on Designated Laboratories of the SG Mechanism to investigate allegations of the use of CBT weapons, Stockholm June 2015 and Spiez November 2015

2015: Preparation of a Report on "Lessons learned from the OPCW mission in Syria" for the Director-General of the OPCW

2014/15: Participated in the development of the Bradford Biosecurity Learning Guide and Textbook

2014: Spiez Convergence 2014 (support for workshop preparation and conduct, and report writing)

2014Plenary presentation at the 4th International Conference "Industrial and hazardous waste management", Chania, Crete (Greece), September 2014

2014: Krutzsch/Myjer/Trapp "A Commentary on the Chemical Weapons Convention" (Oxford University Press, planned publication July 2014 / USA: September 2014)

2014: BioChem Security 2030 (University of Bath, UK), Policy Paper on CB Convergence (for details on the project and the papers released under it see )

2013: Member of the Advisory Group for the development of the BWC National Implementation Guide, EU Joint Action in support of the BWC

2013: Field research in Lithuania for the EuroArch project, START, University Maryland, USA

2012/13: SIPRI project in preparation of the 3rd CWC Review Conference ("The future of the Chemical Weapons Convention - policy and planning aspects")

2012: European Commission - Second Evaluation of the programme results of the Instrument for Stability (IfS) priority 1 - CBRN risk mitigation (under contract by NTU Aalborg, Denmark; Consortium Leader EPRD)

2012: IUPAC and OPCW - Member of the programme committee "Trends in science and technology relevant to the Chemical Weapons Convention", workshop at Spiez Laboratory 20-23 February 2012

2011: SIPRI project "Addressing future challenges to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in connection with scientific and technological (S&T) developments"

2011: Member of the OPCW Director-General's Advisory Panel on Future OPCW Priorities (chair: Rolf Ekeus, Sweden)

2011: Co-author of the Report for the UN Counter-terrorism Implementation Task Force "Interagency coordination in the event of a terrorist attack using chemical or biological weapons or materials" (October 2011)

2011: Support for the preparation of the OPCW Non-Proliferation Workshop (The Hague, 11-12 April 2010)

2010/2011: Member of the Steering Committee, International workshop "Trends in science and technology relevant to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention" Beijing 31 October - 3 November 2010 (sponsored by the InterAcademy Panel on International Issues (IAP), the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS), the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences)

2010: Support for an OPCW table-top exercise on the prepardness of States Parties of the CWC to prevent terrorist attacks involving toxic chemicals, conducted 22-23 November 2010 in Warsaw, Poland

2010: Team member, Assessment of the results of European Commission funded activities and future needs in the defined areas covered by the Instrument for Stability (priority area 1 - CBRN risk mitigation)

2009/2010: Case study on bioregulators and peptide synthesis for a project led by J. Tucker (CNS of the Monterey Institute, Washington DC) on "Governance of Emerging Dual-Use Technologies in the Biological and Chemical Fields"

2009/2010: Contributions to a project on "Europe and the Global Challenge of Biological Controls" led by Alexander Kelle, Bath University

2009: Participated in the development and presentation of the IPACT project proposal (adopted at an international workshop in Jahorina near Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 2009)

2009: Moderator of the technical discussions at the Governmental Experts Meeting to review the Report of the Scientific Advisory Board to the Second CWC Review Conference

2008: Advice to the OPCW Director-General and the Chairman of the Working Group in preparation and conduct of the Second CWC Review Conference

2007-2008: Team leader for three EU joint action missions to assist other countries with the adoption of national implementation legislation under the BWC

2007: OPCW Academic Forum (chair of the programme committee; editor of the proceedings); OPCW Industry and  ProtectionForum (programme preparation, planning and conduct of the forum, assistance in the preparation of outcome documents)

2006: Member of WHO scientific working group on life science research and global health security (see report WHO/CDS/EPR/2007.4)

2005 - date: reports and studies for the OPCW Director-General, the OPCW Deputy Director-General and other office holders at the OPCW on issues including the implementation of the OPCW tenure policy, scenarios for investigations of alleged use of CW, the impact of advances in science and technology on the operations of the CWC, the preparation and conduct of the Second CWC Review Conference, the impact of the implementation of the Verification Information System on HR requirements in the Verification Division

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