Major Presentations

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2015: Challenges to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention in connection with developments in science and technology, keynote address to the National Seminar on Convergence and Biological Security: Trends and Culture of Responsibility, Kuala Lumpur 7 December 2015 as well as presentation at the ASEAN discussion on preparedness against chemical and biological threats: Assessment of scientific, prevention and response capabilities, Kuala Lumpur 9-11 December 2015

2015: The use of chemical weapons in Syria - implications and consequences, Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte and Haber-Institut Berlin 21 April 2015

2014: Presentation on CB convergence at the ISA Convention 2014, Toronto, Canada

2014: Presentation at the Roundtable "A Chemical Weapons Free World and Beyond", University Roma III, Italy 

2013: Presentation on the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons programme, EU Non-proliferation and Disarmament Conference, Session 8 (Controlling chemical weapons), Brussels 30 September - 1 October 2013

2013: "Disarmament and non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction - science and technology aspects/CB convergence" Asser Inst. and OPCW summer programme 2013, The Hague 2 September 2013

2012: "Disarmament and non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction - science and technology aspects/CB convergence" Asser Inst. and OPCW summer programme 2012, The Hague September 2012

2012: "Engaging the non-government sector" Wilton Park Conference "Verification in the 21st Century - Technical, Political and Institutional Challenges and Opportunities" 17-20 June 2012

2012: "Assessing the risk of proliferation - the chemical dimension" 26 International Training Course in Security Policy, Geneva Center for Security Policy May 2012

2011: "Verification - how much is enough; some thoughts in the context of chemical and biological weapons disarmament" Wilton Park Conference "Uncertain futures - where next for multilateral verification?" June 2011

2011: "Science and technology" Wilton Park Conference "Chemical Weapons Disarmament and the future of the OPCW", March 2011

2010: "Overcoming the Challenges to the CWC", Gstaad Process meeting "Beyond geopolitics - common challenges, common solutions?" Gstaad, Switzerland, 16-18 September 2010

2010: "The OPCW: current challenges and policy issues" Asser Inst. and OPCW summer programme 2010, The Hague 31 August 2010

2010: "Disarmament and non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction - science and technology aspects". Asser Inst. and OPCW summer programme 2010, The Hague 30 August 2010

2010: "The Chemical Weapons Convention - Successes and Challenges" International Conference on the OPCW's contribution to the international security dimension hosted by the OPCW, the German Federal Foreign Office and the European Union, Berlin 7-8 June 2010

2009: "The OPCW  verification regime - need for a paradigm shift?" OPCW Open Forum, The Hague, December 2009

2009: "Status of international discussions regarding the impact of micro-process-engineering on the regimes regarding chemical and biological weapons", DECHEMA workshop on Prevention of Misuse of Microreactors, Frankfurt/M, October 2009

2009: "Preventing and mitigating the next use of CBW - the new context" Wilton Park Conference WPS 09/7, September 2009

2009: "Moving beyond the traditional notion of implementation assistance", International Seminar on National Implementation of Non-proliferation Obligations, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 2009

2009: "Lessons from national implementation of the CWC and the Article VII Action Plan", Workshop on Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1540 at the national level - promotion of best practices and policy and technical co-ordination and co-operation  (organized by the Clingendael Institute, VERTIC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands), The Hague, March 2009

2009: "Emerging chemical and biological technologies with dual-use potential", United Nations Regional Workshop on the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004), Doha Qatar, March 2009

2009; "Chemical weapons past and present - dangers and responses", Meeting of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Non-Proliferation Division, The Hague, January 2009

2008: "The biology - chemistry cross-over", Wilton Park Conference WP928, September 2008

2008: "Chemical weapons dumped at sea - the Chemical Weapons Convention and other international  instruments" International Seminar on Sea-dumped Chemical Weapons, Vilnius, September/October 2008

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